Stainless Cables at Volcano Bay


Volcano Bay – Universal Orlando




Orlando, Florida


Replacing these carbon cables with stainless cables at Volcano Bay was necessary, challenging and fun. Neither boom lifts or scissor lifts could reach this location above the Volcano Bay wave pool. Creativity was required to get them replaced. These galvanized carbon steel wire rope cables and turnbuckles were dosed daily with chlorinated water that came rushing down the volcano and these cables were starting to see significant corrosion. Hence the need for replacing them with stainless steel. We slowly but steady developed a step-by-step plan to replace these wire rope cables at night, so that it would not hinder the daily operations of the water park. We planned all of our moves in great detail, so that we could work safe and would not contaminate the water either. The result is beautiful and these cables that hold up the curved bridge will be good for years to come.